Sudara: The Clothing Company that is Changing Women’s Lives in India

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“…the United States State Department, the United Nations and India’s Human Rights Commission have all identified India as a major hub in the international sex trade, a global phenomenon that may involve upwards of 27 million people,” stated this New York Times article in 2013. This article was written by the New York Times’ Editorial Board in response to a brutal gang rape that occurred in Delhi, India, in 2012 and made national headlines.

India’s sex and slave trafficking, most of the time one in the same, is not new. This has been a growing epidemic for decades, if not hundreds of years. In response to the national headlines, India has now made sex trafficking and sexual violence a criminal offense. It’s important to note that it had to take national headlines and international outrage to spark this bill to be passed. If 27 million people are…

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