What Startups Can Learn from Hathaway and Di Nero’s ‘The Intern’

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Photo from trilbee.com Photo from trilbee.com

I recently went to the movies to see the new comedy The Intern starring Robert Di Nero and Anne Hathaway. The movie centered on Jules’s (Hathaway) online fashion startup company implementing an outreach program for senior citizen interns. The idea of this outreach program was that older generations who have been in the business world might have a lot to add to the company – which Di Nero provides flawlessly.

The film The Intern celebrates entrepreneurs and startups, as well as comments hilariously on our tech-obsessed generation; like the scene where Ben (Di Nero) is baffled by a younger co-worker who only apologized to a girl through text and email. Ben then states, “I assume you’ve talked to her, apologized….” as the young man says, “I emailed her. Subject line I wrote, I’m sorry, like with a ton of O’s…”

But while Ben and Jules (along with…

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