What You Can Learn From the President Joining Twitter

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On May 18th, President Barack Obama was given access to the President’s first official Twitter account. As he adorably tweeted, “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! After six years they’re finally giving me my own account,” Obama quickly made 2.6 million Twitter followers.

Besides joking around with President Bill Clinton on the timeline, the Obama administration is taking advantage of the amazing marketing tool that Twitter grants its users. By scrolling through only the first month of tweets, Obama engages with the American people and continues to promote his administration.

Promoting an administration is essentially the same as promoting a business—encouraging people to buy and support their product or mission. If we look deeper into what President Obama shares on the timeline, we can gain knowledge of how to properly promote our own brands, companies, and organizations to the same affect.

Photo from twitter.com/potus Photo from twitter.com/potus

First, Twitter gives you…

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2015’s Most Powerful Women Revealed

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On May 26, 2015, “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” Forbes list was revealed. From politicians, to celebrities, to entrepreneurs and philanthropists, the list celebrates accomplished and inspirational women from across the globe.

Glass ceilings do not exist for these women. With their success, they are sending the message to future generations of powerful women that there are no limits. Cue Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” as this list’s soundtrack.

Here are the top 10 Most Powerful Women of 2015:

Photo from wikipedia.org Photo from wikipedia.org

Angela Merkel rounded out the top of the list as the most powerful woman in the world. At age 60, she is the Chancellor of Germany, and currently resides in Berlin. A fierce politician who has topped the Forbes list for 10 years, Merkel is currently serving her 3rd four-year term as Chancellor. This makes her the longest serving elected EU head of state in history…

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Why the New Meal Planning Trend Actually Works for Working Women

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I believe that all you need is a good plan to lead you to success. Plus, a plan can stop you from losing your mind when you’re overwhelmed with work, family, and social obligations that keep taking up space on your calendar.

I believe in good planning all the way down to the food I eat. Without a plan, I watched myself not keeping track of the quality of my meals, grabbing food on-the-go, and spending way too much money. I would be so caught up in my day-to-day activities that eating well (and regularly) took a back seat.

Around the time I had this realization, I stumbled across this Buzzfeed Two-Week Clean Eating Challenge, and I decided to give it a try. My first piece of advice is to follow a meal plan that is already created (you can search for some easily on the Web, or try…

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Lean Cuisine’s New Message Says No to Scales, Yes to Girl Power

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As summer swoops in, advertisements flood social media and TV screens calling for women to get that perfect “summer body.” Diets, workout routines, meal plans, and beach bodies drown us with unrealistic expectations.

But there’s one brand this June that breaks the rule. Lean Cuisine, a frozen food brand that is known for dieting, has officially said no to scales and yes to female empowerment with its #WeighThis campaign.

Lean Cuisine’s new campaign encourages women to forget about their physical weight. Instead, women are told to measure themselves based upon their accomplishments and life experiences.

The branded video begins by asking the women, of varying ethnicities and backgrounds, to approach a single scale in an empty room. This set-up gets mixed reactions from the women as they stand awkwardly next to the scale. Once the woman speaking off-camera says, “I’m not going to weigh you,” the women visibly relax.

MThis is where the…

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Zoe Saldana’s Husband Takes Her Last Name

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Photo from instagram.com Photo from instagram.com

Zoe Saldana made waves earlier this June when she was interviewed for Instyle Magazine and shared that her husband Marco Perego decided to become Mr. Saldana.

Saldana stated in the interview that she tried to convince her husband otherwise due to backlash they could receive. Marco responded, “Ah, Zoe, I don’t give a (expletive).”

This is not incredibly shocking coming from the Saldanas, especially since Mrs. Saldana has always been a strong advocate for women empowerment. And in today’s day and age, why is this so shocking that it is making news headlines? As society progresses, shouldn’t this be just another option when you are getting married? Why must men feel emasculated?

The tradition for a woman to legally change her last name to her husband’s is almost expected. Nowadays, it’s also common for a woman to keep her last name, though it still may not always…

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5 Great Brunch Spots in New York City

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Weekends in the summer mean sunshine, beaches, rooftop bars, and the famous New York City brunch.

Brunch promises a good time with your girlfriends or the perfect place for a weekend party. After working hard all week, you deserve to relax. These late breakfasts are filled with Bloody Marys, mimosas, and delicious entrees (if you know where to go).

Here are some great brunch spots:

PS 450

PS 450 is a lounge by night, but it has a killer brunch deal that you can’t pass up on. Located on 450 Park Ave South in Manhattan, every Saturday and Sunday they have brunch from 11a-6pm. It is 21+ and only accepts reservations for parties of 10 and above. It is first come first serve otherwise, so make sure you get there on the early side. There is also a dress code, so throw on that summer dress you’ve reserved for after-work…

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There’s Something Called a Passion Planner and You Need To Buy One Now

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What is your favorite way to organize your schedule? Do you use the calendar feature on your smart phone or do you have a traditional planner tucked in your bag? Maybe you just wing it.

Regardless of how you currently keep track of your day-to-day activities, there’s a new type of planner on the market that surpasses all of these things. It’s called a Passion Planner.

Photo from passionplanner.com Photo from passionplanner.com

The Passion Planner is better than any planner you may pick up at your local drugstore. It encompasses not only your day-to-day activities, but it also incorporates good energy, future goals, and room to blend your happiness with your responsibilities.

A young entrepreneur named Angelia Trinidad created Passion Planner after “suffering from the feeling of ‘directionless floating’ caused by the post-college uncertainty.” She also states on her website that she wanted to make “love, gratitude, and self-motivation” to be the…

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Angelina Jolie Gives Powerful Speech On Violence Against Women at African Union Summit

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Photo from eonline.com Photo from eonline.com

On June 11, 2015, Angelina Jolie Pitt gave a powerful speech at the African Union Summit regarding violence against women across the globe.

At this particular AU Summit, held in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, she stated, “There is a global epidemic of violence against women—both within conflict zones and within societies at peace—and it is still treated as a lesser crime and priority.”

Jolie Pitt is first and foremost known for her Hollywood career. She has one Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild awards, and three Golden Globes.

But she is not just another face in Hollywood. Jolie Pitt is an active humanitarian and philanthropist. She is currently a Special Envoy for the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, and she has also received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her work.

Her main focus is on refugees and women’s rights and education. Previously, she has been…

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5 Reasons You Need to be Selfish

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Photo from susantuttlephotography.com Photo from susantuttlephotography.com

At the end of the day, we must remember that we are our top priority. Sounds like common sense, right?

And yet, after extending energy into our daily lives and the people in it, somehow we can find our own needs falling to the wayside.

Many of us (like myself) are people pleasers, saying “yes” to everything a family member, friend, or significant other may ask of you. Go to this family function, come out tonight, go to these three networking events this week, etc. Sound familiar?

Oh and by the way, while the world demands so much of your time, also try to be a happy, healthy, and content individual.

So yes, it is great to be busy and hardworking, but remember that our world can be as draining as it is rewarding. And we need to prioritize. Starting with being selfish.

This is a necessity…

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It’s Official: A Woman Will Replace Hamilton on the $10 Bill

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Photo from nypost.com Photo from nypost.com

In the past few months, rumors have been buzzing about a woman replacing one of the faces on the United States currency. Some thought it was going to be Harriet Tubman, many thought it would be on the $20 bill, and others were just plain excited about this opportunity for women to be commemorated through history.

To our surprise, the Department of Treasury announced this June that a woman will indeed be replacing a figure on the American currency, but it won’t be the 20 and we don’t know who will hold the new portrait. Instead, Alexander Hamilton is getting kicked off the $10, but yes: a woman will be the portrait of the $10 beginning 2020.

The Department states, “The next generation of currency will revolve around the theme of democracy…[It will include] various design features that celebrate democracy. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lewis has decided…

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