The Dapper Chicks ‘Suit Up’ in New York

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A new women’s equality group is making waves on social media and gaining notice by the day. Who are they? The Dapper Chicks of New York, or DCNY. Comprised of seven women, DCNY combats inequality by embracing individuality through men’s fashion with terrific style.

Ariam Geffrard is the founder of The Dapper Chicks, and is known as an artist and menswear fashion blogger.

She states, “Dapper Chicks of New York is a project I created to bring a community together. We are uniting to showcase individuality, and style. We are all different chicks, but we do have one common thing that binds us all together. We love fashion. We love men’s fashion.”

The Dapper Chicks website contains an abundance of goodies to search through. There are posts of Ariam Geffrard, who goes by Sara, modeling different outfits with a message from her at the bottom of…

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5 Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch this Fall

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You could say I have a small Netflix addiction. And as the days get shorter during the fall, I find myself turning to Netflix after a long day of work even more so than any other time of the year. Luckily, Netflix has a plethora of amazing titles to dive through—which, truthfully, can also be a bit overwhelming. How many times have you scrolled through Netflix pondering what TV show or movie to actually start watching?

I usually ask around for advice from my friends and family if I’m stuck and don’t know where to begin. Blogs can come in handy with their suggestions as well. And sometimes, because Netflix loves us, they will email you about their original show releases that may match another viewing you’ve already seen. Regardless, word of mouth is usually the best way when you’re bogged down with endless titles. To save…

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The Era of Self-Publishing

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Technology has opened doors for entrepreneurs, media, and publishing. The world is teeming with ways for people to connect ideas, market their products, and build their own online empires. Empires that can manifest into large presences in society and, in the publishing world, hopefully get that big-time publisher to pick up your work.

So what is the deal with self-publishing? Why is it something that is being heard more commonly, as opposed to the traditional pitching to a publishing house or literary agent?

For one, it’s easy. Amazon and Createspace (owned by Amazon) give you total control and 70-80% of the royalties from your book. Through Amazon, you have the ability to publish through Kindle, which distributes it globally as well as gives you the option to publish in multiple languages. Their website states that it would be up on Kindle within about 2 days.

Publishing print…

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End-of-Summer Goals: Relax, Rejuvenate, and Refocus

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As Labor Day waves the End-of-Summer flag, we are forced to admit that lazy days at the beach will soon be replaced with autumn’s crisp breeze. Granted, as beautiful as autumn is, I personally look back on an amazing summer that I am not ready to say goodbye to just yet. Realizing that I’m going to be back full-force into the work week and start donning long-sleeves again makes me contemplate moving to warmer climates year-round.

But it’s not just the spectacular weather that we love about summer, is it? It’s the summer mindset. In the summer, though we still work, there is a certain air of relaxation about us. Some offices grant early leaves on Fridays, or long weekends throughout the summer in general. We understand that many of our family, friends, and co-workers may be on vacation for periods of time. We may indulge in…

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ReThink Software: 15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Creates App to End Cyber-Bullying

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Tech entrepreneur Trisha Prabhu is already changing the world. The 15-year-old innovator is the creator of a scientifically proven and award-winning app called ReThink, an app geared towards stopping cyber-bullying.

In 2013, after hearing about 12-year old Rebecca Sedwick’s suicide due to cyber-bullying, Prabhu set out to find a solution. On her website, Prabhu states that she has “always been fascinated by the inner workings of the brain and how it impacts our lives…[ReThink] stops cyber-bullying at the source before the damage is done.”

Once the software is installed on a computer or smart-phone, it “uses patented context sensitive filtering technology” to determine whether or not a post an adolescent is about to post is offensive. Prabhu told ABC News that the technology is able to “understand the difference between ‘I hate Chicago’s weather,’ and ‘I hate you,’ because those are two different scenarios.”

When the…

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Saudi Women Register to Vote: But Will There Be Progression Civilly?

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As of 2015, Saudi women have finally won the right to vote and run in municipal elections. Voter registration began this August and goes through mid-September.

This has been in the works since 2011 when the now-late King Abdullah announced that he was granting women the right to vote and run as candidates. Municipal councils are the only elected bodies in the entire kingdom. Two-thirds of the seats in the elected council are based upon votes, with the rest of the council seats granted by appointment.

While this is great news, will it actually lead to any progression for women civilly? In a country with little to no gender equality, we may wonder what affect these political advancements will have in these women’s day-to-day lives.

In Saudi Arabia, women have “male guardians,” that may be compared to the relationship between a parent and their child. Women must…

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Opinion Writer Slams Sorority Recruitment Video and Calls for Messages of Female Empowerment

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Hollywood tends to portray sororities and fraternities with a crazy-wild-party lifestyle. Frat parties, hazing, keg stands, and more—typically a “white America” fantasy college world. The stereotypical jerk frat boy, the bimbo blonde (though we can thank Elle Woods for somewhat breaking through that stereotype).

But that’s just Hollywood, right? One would hope that actual sororities and fraternities would try to stray away from this lone image. Instead, one would hope that they would rather highlight their philanthropic work, or values they represent. Values and work that created the strong foundation of Greek life. And hey, throw in an implication of those occasional mixers. We all know Greek life likes to balance fun and hard work.

Unfortunately, University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi sorority chapter did not do a balancing act when releasing their Alpha Phi 2015 Recruitment Video. Instead, Alpha Phi seemed to play right into the Hollywood…

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Humans of New York Visits Pakistan and Changes the World

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Brandon Stanton began his journey to create the famous blog Humans of New York in July 2010 after losing his job as a bond trader. In Stanton’s first book of photography, compiling three years of work, he explains that he originally wanted to create a photographic census of New York City. He envisioned thousands of portraits and an interactive map of the city. But when Stanton was directed by a friend to give social media a shot, HONY took off.

Stanton notes that Humans of New York really began to grow after he started pairing the portraits with a story or quotation. He stated, “I sought to provide my audience with a few good portraits, every single day. And I hope to continue doing so for a very long time.”

Humans of New York has an incredible social media presence with 14 million followers on Facebook alone…

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