Thoughts for a Thursday 


Music Mondays: “I know” by Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko

If you haven’t bought Big Sean’s album on iTunes yet, please just do yourself a favor and purchase it now.

“I Know” is SO dope. Big Sean’s signature deep voice juxtaposed with Jhene Aiko’s smooth vibes rocks so well on this track. I think it’s definitely in my top 3 favorite songs on the album, if not my overall favorite. I can’t tell who kills it more – Sean or Jhene?

The background beat is just THAT VIBE too. I know that’s not terribly descriptive – I’m almost failing at grasping the right words to really exude the same emotion the song gives through my writing. It’s chill, so you can sit back and also bop your head to it. It’s intense, but at the same time just “smooth” enough.

I’m really impressed with both Big Sean and Jhene Aiko on this track. I hope they make more music together, especially with how great their voices sound together.