I Usually Wait Til Monday, But…

I couldn’t wait until this coming week’s Music Monday to start sharing Big Sean’s new album, Dark Sky Paradise. It’s actually dope, and while I’ve always been a fan of Sean, I’ve never been a fan to the extent that I would sit down and listen to his work. On this album he really brings it. I’m going to post another song from the album for next week’s Music Monday but I wanted to ensure that people are really starting to get into this and hype it up so here ya go.

Kanye, of course, kills it, reminding us that he is Yeezus, and Big Sean goes hard too.

Bump to this in your car with the volume up. Trust me.


A Poem on a Friday: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Protest Continue Across Country In Wake Of NY Grand Jury Verdict In Chokehold Death Case

March on.

My body shakes and sweat drips from my palms

in anticipation as I stomp through the crowd.

Hand’s up!

Don’t shoot!

An orb of fire ignites in my chest, bellowing and

flickering as I tell myself this is right, this is freedom.

What does it mean to stand alone? Are you a fool

or a soldier? But the flames continue to seep through

my veins, the same blaze that flared inside Dr. King,

inside Malala, inside the boy in Tiananmen Square.

We hunt for the truth, rise to demolish our oppression.

The Academy Awards 2015: Most Moving Acceptance Speeches

I felt like I was compelled to post these speeches on The Purple Album because they are so crucial to the time we are living in and my personal beliefs. I love when actors, actresses, musicians, and other artists come out on a platform and speak about what crucial topics mean to them. There have been too many times where I’ve brought up racism, classicism, or feminism to my friends, or issues regarding the wars around the world, or the media, and my friends/co-workers/family members (not all, but most) just give me blank looks. They don’t care.

Or if they do care, not enough to really do something or even discuss it. I like getting the topics out in open – you need to talk about events that are happening as history shapes itself during your time. What else is there? We have to contribute, and we have to unite, in order to create a better world for ourselves and our future generations, as other generations attempted before us. We need to be open-minded, spread love and equality (TRUE equality), and help the impoverished. We need to love.

Take a look at my favorite moments and speeches of the Academy Awards where the winners took a stance on a particular issue, and/or simply spread love (the way we all should start, continue, and plan, to do in order to obtain real change):

A Poem on a Tuesday: “Alice In Wonderland”

I rub against his chest,

Nuzzling my face into

His caramel neck, inhaling,

And exhaling the sweet safety

That exudes from his pores.

He is my angel for now,

Red eyes and kisses for the day –

For his smile coaxes mine to

Reply, for his eyes latch onto

My blue orbs and declare them


And I find myself swirling,

Twirling, upside down and

Suddenly right side up –

Falling down into my own

Dark rabbit hole, and

Emerging in his arms.

Music Mondays: “Co-Pilot” by James Davis

“Co-Pilot” is the first song I’ve heard from the sibling trio that comprises James Davis. I haven’t heard anything from them before, and I’m struggling to find more about them as I’ve googled their names and the song a few times. If you want to read an interview with them on the blog Noisey.Vice.com (the only blog I’ve been able to find of them so far – granted, my research hasn’t been in depth yet, but still), you can do so here.

I like the record because it gives me that old-school “vinyl vibe” that Noisey.Vice’s blog also mentions, but it also has an OVO sound to me (do you agree?).

Point, blank, period: It’s beautiful. You can close your eyes and have the music transport you. Even if you’re alone, you can close your eyes to this song, and suddenly you’re lying in bed with your arms wrapped around the one person who has loved you and touched your soul more than anyone else on this earth. That’s where this record takes me.

How is that music can be so transcendent?

A Poem on a Sunday: “You”


Schoolboy Q’s slick verses slide over my body

As the car cruises down the Ave, with summer’s

Lust and light blinding my blue eyes

If they open too wide.

I don’t mind staring, the blinding light;

It illuminates the profile of your face as

You bob your head to the music and

Place the cigar between your lips.

The smoke twirls with the sun’s rays

That have seeped through the dashboard,

Tickling my thigh as your fingers

Simultaneously caress me.

I want to say I love you, but I bite my

Tongue as you lead us back to that little

Apartment that is filled with candles along

The windowsills and has the mattress with

The red sheets splayed across the floor.

This is us. We are silence.

We are the biting of tongues, the rough kisses

And cigar smoke that fills our lungs, allowing

The music to speak words of fantasies and love

That we express only when our eyes meet at

The right time, the right beat, the right lyric.

The playlist stops as the car swirls into

It’s parking place, and the look of venom on

Your face makes stabs at the butterflies

In my stomach and I begin to shake.

Interview: Kanye West with BBC’s Zane Lowe 2013

Even though Zane Lowe’s 2013 interview with Kanye West was done two years ago, I thought Kanye was saying a lot of similar things (and more in depth) about race, religion, and class in THIS interview than the one he did with Power 105.1 this past week (you can find that interview, which I also enjoyed and recommend, here). I was originally going to post Power’s interview, but it has been causing a lot of hype on the internet the last few days on it’s own, and is a little too “gossipy” for me (who cares about Tyga and Kylie??).

I wanted to publish the BBC interview to my blog so any readers out there who want to get to know Kanye’s mind a little bit more, and on a deeper scale, can get a chance to listen to his beliefs. It’s amazing how other artists really contribute to Kanye’s growth, and even though he really thinks he is “the” rockstar of our era, he also wants to get rid of racism, classicism, and embrace humanity for all of it’s differences. I think Kanye is also very open about topics that many people get squeamish about – like who really holds the power in the music industry, fashion industry, industry in general – which raises questions as to who really controls the public’s life. Kanye West gets very in depth, and sometimes I had to take breaks while I was watching this so I could really appreciate and understand what he was saying before continuing. Kanye is definitely what I would call an “artist” – not just a rapper, fashion designer, etc.

Kanye West is nothing short of an incredible, eccentric artist.



He smiled down at her, and slipped his fingers through her hair.

“I will always love you,” His voice and smile simultaneously faltered. He looked away. She bit her lip and a tear slipped down her cheek. His heart was heavy, swollen. Words failed him. He couldn’t change her mind, and he wouldn’t dare try. It was his and his family’s problem. Not hers.

Loss: That was easy to think, but in reality, in this moment, all he could see was her. And in a few days, he would only be able to daydream about her presence. He would only hear her laugh and voice through the phone. “They” would become something of the past.

Jealousy: He didn’t want to imagine anyone else touching this hair, kissing those tears, wrapping their arms around her to make her feel better. But he did. He imagined and tortured himself. Some days he was just numb.

Fear: someday she would tell someone else “I love you.” His heart screamed beneath his ribcage. What if he did dare to try to change her mind? Stay with me, yes, that was what his heart was screaming. Stay with me.

Love: But he also didn’t want her to hear the judge announce the deportation was final. He didn’t want her to wave goodbye at the airport and drive home alone. How could he let her drive home alone? He was going to be sitting on a direct flight to Central America and she would be driving that little Honda he teased her about down 78, crying, because he would be crying, because what else was there to do now but cry? He could not put her through that. He would not.

Anger: He was causing her pain indirectly and he wouldn’t even be around to make her feel better. God damn it. His swollen heart crawled upwards to a lump in his throat. He loved her and he couldn’t keep her.

He leaned in. His lips kissed hers, long and hard. She was ending it and he had to respect it. Had to accept it. He had to accept all of this.

Truth: “I will always love you.”

He said it again and again.