The Academy Awards 2015: Most Moving Acceptance Speeches

I felt like I was compelled to post these speeches on The Purple Album because they are so crucial to the time we are living in and my personal beliefs. I love when actors, actresses, musicians, and other artists come out on a platform and speak about what crucial topics mean to them. There have been too many times where I’ve brought up racism, classicism, or feminism to my friends, or issues regarding the wars around the world, or the media, and my friends/co-workers/family members (not all, but most) just give me blank looks. They don’t care.

Or if they do care, not enough to really do something or even discuss it. I like getting the topics out in open – you need to talk about events that are happening as history shapes itself during your time. What else is there? We have to contribute, and we have to unite, in order to create a better world for ourselves and our future generations, as other generations attempted before us. We need to be open-minded, spread love and equality (TRUE equality), and help the impoverished. We need to love.

Take a look at my favorite moments and speeches of the Academy Awards where the winners took a stance on a particular issue, and/or simply spread love (the way we all should start, continue, and plan, to do in order to obtain real change):


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