The Era of Self-Publishing

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Technology has opened doors for entrepreneurs, media, and publishing. The world is teeming with ways for people to connect ideas, market their products, and build their own online empires. Empires that can manifest into large presences in society and, in the publishing world, hopefully get that big-time publisher to pick up your work.

So what is the deal with self-publishing? Why is it something that is being heard more commonly, as opposed to the traditional pitching to a publishing house or literary agent?

For one, it’s easy. Amazon and Createspace (owned by Amazon) give you total control and 70-80% of the royalties from your book. Through Amazon, you have the ability to publish through Kindle, which distributes it globally as well as gives you the option to publish in multiple languages. Their website states that it would be up on Kindle within about 2 days.

Publishing print…

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