Opinion Writer Slams Sorority Recruitment Video and Calls for Messages of Female Empowerment

Women's iLab

Photo from 10news.com Photo from 10news.com

Hollywood tends to portray sororities and fraternities with a crazy-wild-party lifestyle. Frat parties, hazing, keg stands, and more—typically a “white America” fantasy college world. The stereotypical jerk frat boy, the bimbo blonde (though we can thank Elle Woods for somewhat breaking through that stereotype).

But that’s just Hollywood, right? One would hope that actual sororities and fraternities would try to stray away from this lone image. Instead, one would hope that they would rather highlight their philanthropic work, or values they represent. Values and work that created the strong foundation of Greek life. And hey, throw in an implication of those occasional mixers. We all know Greek life likes to balance fun and hard work.

Unfortunately, University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi sorority chapter did not do a balancing act when releasing their Alpha Phi 2015 Recruitment Video. Instead, Alpha Phi seemed to play right into the Hollywood…

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