5 Things You Can Do Every Day To Increase Your Happiness

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Photo from grapefruits.wordpress.com Photo from grapefruits.wordpress.com

Happiness. As human beings, we are infatuated with the idea of happiness. It’s the exhilarating, content, carefree, laughing emotion that tingles down your spine and puts a smile on your face. We want happiness to be the constant emotion, the one that dominates all the others. We want to honestly be able to say we are leading happy, fulfilling, and successful lives. And mean it!

The thing is, as much as we love to be happy, it has to battle with all of our other emotions. And on some days, it loses.

Or maybe not. Maybe one of you has found the secret elixir that allows you to be happy 24/7. But judging by all the happiness posts on blogs, the self-help books, and the mental health websites, I don’t seem to be alone in wanting to work on my happiness.

When I was younger, my mother…

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