10 Essentials For Your Every Day Work Bag

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The day the VP came to visit my college job was on a hot July afternoon in 2012. As we scurried to get ready, I realized, horrified, that I forgot to put on deodorant that morning. How could I have forgotten such a basic, crucial necessity?

I rummaged through my bag. Nope. Not there. I couldn’t find anything helpful at all. Except for my oversized makeup bag.

Luckily, one of the other women I worked with had some. We were close enough that she lent it to me. Ever since that day, I decided I would never be unprepared at work again.

I had to prioritize. Starting with adding an extra emergency deodorant to my bag, and removing any unnecessary makeup I was lugging around. But what else did I need?

Here is a list of the top 10 essentials for your workbag:

Your Wallet

Seems simple…

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