There’s Something Called a Passion Planner and You Need To Buy One Now

Women's iLab

What is your favorite way to organize your schedule? Do you use the calendar feature on your smart phone or do you have a traditional planner tucked in your bag? Maybe you just wing it.

Regardless of how you currently keep track of your day-to-day activities, there’s a new type of planner on the market that surpasses all of these things. It’s called a Passion Planner.

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The Passion Planner is better than any planner you may pick up at your local drugstore. It encompasses not only your day-to-day activities, but it also incorporates good energy, future goals, and room to blend your happiness with your responsibilities.

A young entrepreneur named Angelia Trinidad created Passion Planner after “suffering from the feeling of ‘directionless floating’ caused by the post-college uncertainty.” She also states on her website that she wanted to make “love, gratitude, and self-motivation” to be the…

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