It’s Official: A Woman Will Replace Hamilton on the $10 Bill

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In the past few months, rumors have been buzzing about a woman replacing one of the faces on the United States currency. Some thought it was going to be Harriet Tubman, many thought it would be on the $20 bill, and others were just plain excited about this opportunity for women to be commemorated through history.

To our surprise, the Department of Treasury announced this June that a woman will indeed be replacing a figure on the American currency, but it won’t be the 20 and we don’t know who will hold the new portrait. Instead, Alexander Hamilton is getting kicked off the $10, but yes: a woman will be the portrait of the $10 beginning 2020.

The Department states, “The next generation of currency will revolve around the theme of democracy…[It will include] various design features that celebrate democracy. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lewis has decided…

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