Amy Poehler Responded to a Critic of Women’s Sports and It’s Hilarious

Women's iLab

Before I begin, I would like to shout a huge congratulations to the USA Women’s Soccer team on winning the 2015 FIFA World Cup! The immaculate win and incredible World Cup is a testament to how talented, skilled, and powerful female athletes are across the globe. See the highlights here.

The win also makes this post all the more sweet, and Amy Poehler’s reaction to a recent critic of women’s sports all the more hilarious.

The disparaging remark emerged between two Sports Illustrated employees discussing women’s sports on Twitter. Editor Mark Mravic first sent out this tweet:

Photo from Photo from

Mravic sent out the tweet above on June 22nd, attaching a Vine of an amazing shot by Lucy Bronze. In this tweet, Mravic included fellow Sports Illustrated analyst Andy Benoit, who replied:

Photo from Photo from

Of course, this tweet sparked outrage and Benoit later removed it from his…

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