5 Savory Cocktails for Your Next Summer Networking Event

Women's iLab

When summer is in session, even our networking events blossom and bend to enjoy the gorgeous weather. As we hand out our business cards, meet new people, and mentally decide whom we’re going to follow up with after the event, we also want to be having a decent time. Even though networking events are not about the drinks and appetizers, it’s a nice touch to have an array of delicious choices for your guests.

Here are 5 great, savory cocktails for your next event:

Photo from 17apart.com Photo from 17apart.com

Watermelon Mint Prosecco

Watermelon Mint Prosecco is a light but refreshing cocktail that is perfect for your next summer networking event. For a light, fresh splash of summer, this cocktail only contains three ingredients: watermelon juice, mint sprigs, and chilled Prosecco. First, blend fresh watermelon in a pulse blender and use a strainer to let the juice separate from any chunks or seeds…

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