Music Mondays: “Co-Pilot” by James Davis

“Co-Pilot” is the first song I’ve heard from the sibling trio that comprises James Davis. I haven’t heard anything from them before, and I’m struggling to find more about them as I’ve googled their names and the song a few times. If you want to read an interview with them on the blog (the only blog I’ve been able to find of them so far – granted, my research hasn’t been in depth yet, but still), you can do so here.

I like the record because it gives me that old-school “vinyl vibe” that Noisey.Vice’s blog also mentions, but it also has an OVO sound to me (do you agree?).

Point, blank, period: It’s beautiful. You can close your eyes and have the music transport you. Even if you’re alone, you can close your eyes to this song, and suddenly you’re lying in bed with your arms wrapped around the one person who has loved you and touched your soul more than anyone else on this earth. That’s where this record takes me.

How is that music can be so transcendent?


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