Interview: Kanye West with BBC’s Zane Lowe 2013

Even though Zane Lowe’s 2013 interview with Kanye West was done two years ago, I thought Kanye was saying a lot of similar things (and more in depth) about race, religion, and class in THIS interview than the one he did with Power 105.1 this past week (you can find that interview, which I also enjoyed and recommend, here). I was originally going to post Power’s interview, but it has been causing a lot of hype on the internet the last few days on it’s own, and is a little too “gossipy” for me (who cares about Tyga and Kylie??).

I wanted to publish the BBC interview to my blog so any readers out there who want to get to know Kanye’s mind a little bit more, and on a deeper scale, can get a chance to listen to his beliefs. It’s amazing how other artists really contribute to Kanye’s growth, and even though he really thinks he is “the” rockstar of our era, he also wants to get rid of racism, classicism, and embrace humanity for all of it’s differences. I think Kanye is also very open about topics that many people get squeamish about – like who really holds the power in the music industry, fashion industry, industry in general – which raises questions as to who really controls the public’s life. Kanye West gets very in depth, and sometimes I had to take breaks while I was watching this so I could really appreciate and understand what he was saying before continuing. Kanye is definitely what I would call an “artist” – not just a rapper, fashion designer, etc.

Kanye West is nothing short of an incredible, eccentric artist.


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