Music Mondays (Part 1): If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late


My baby has delivered once again. Drake, one of my all-time favorite rappers, dropped If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, a long-awaited surprise album/mixtape.

Granted, this created some confusion first – weren’t we waiting for Views from the 6? Is he still dropping that album? Did he drop If You’re Reading because of contract pressure from Young Money? Will we get Views from the 6 this year too?

Drake himself hasn’t specifically commented on this, but he is referring to If You’re Reading as a mixtape, as can be seen from his Instagram posts:


However, this mixtape is more like an album with a compilation of 17 songs. I’ve scoured over some blogs and Twitter accounts, and some public opinion suggests that this mixtape was a gift of songs that didn’t make the final album. If that’s the case, I’m really looking forward to hearing Views from the 6, because if these songs are “rejects,” how amazing must the actual album be?! However, even if If You’re Reading is a mixtape of songs that didn’t make the cut, they are still good, solid Drake songs that we have all been waiting for.

What I love about Drake is that he never keeps us waiting too long. The albums he drops are always gems (in my opinion), and he is on almost every big R&B and rap hit on the charts. He’s literally everywhere, which I think attributes to much of his success, and he seems to be one of the hardest working rappers currently in the music industry. On this mixtape, like I stated previously, 17 tracks have graced us.

My favorite tracks on If You’re Reading are: Star67, Jungle, You & the 6 (for his mother), and 6PM in New York. I like the emotions that Drake gives us in Star67 and Jungle, emotions that he has delivered on Nothing Was the Same and Take Care as well. However, some of the other tracks – 10 Bands, No Tellin, 6PM in New York, Know Yourself, and Legend – are more of Drake’s arrogance than on other albums, which has also shown his growth. He gives off anger, a tougher approach, and goes after people who have been attacking him on social media and interviews (Tyga) and I’m pretty sure I heard a diss towards Diddy (who punched him recently at an event for stealing beats). While I prefer Drake’s softer side, I can appreciate these tracks as well, and I think they give the overall mixtape a stronger punch than his other works.

Overall, I highly suggest listening to Drake’s mixtape, and keep a lookout for Views from the 6.

If you’d like to purchase the album (I know many of us like to illegally download music, but when it comes to my favorite artists, I make sure I purchase their music), you can do so off iTunes here.


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