Music Mondays: “Drop The Game” by Flume & Chet Faker

“Drop The Game” by Flume & Chet Faker has an incredibly eclectic, laid-back vibe that I am totally feeling.

“Flume” is a popular Australian DJ and producer, and his real name is Harley Edward Streten. Flume is only 23 years old, and dropped his first album in 2012. An Australian record company named Future Classic signed Flume in 2011, and his first album reached No.1 on Australia’s iTunes charts. I’m looking forward to Flume’s music working itself more into the American music scene, and it would be interesting to see him start performing at the EDC/EDM concerts that take place in major cities in America. I’m personally not a huge fan of dubstep, but I would take the time to go see Flume from what I’ve heard so far.

I particularly like this song, again, because I think the vibe and beats give a relaxing, eclectic vibe. I’m also enthralled with the video itself. My friend only showed this song to me about a week ago, and I immediately downloaded it. As my friend and I were discussing the song and video, she pointed out that it seemed like the man’s dancing was beyond dancing. While I’m sure there was choreography involved, it seems like he is just dancing from his soul. He moves fluidly with the music as if he and the music are one.

Flume provides a fresh, new sound for me. What do you guys think?


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