Snapshot Wednesday: The Beautiful Jermaine Cole


It’s 7:30 AM and I’m driving to jury duty in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I’m going down 1-78 E and the sun is steadily climbing up the morning sky, illuminating and awakening it’s pinks and yellows that dance among the clouds. I’m sleepy and I yawn as I reach for my Starbucks cup. I don’t want to be going to jury duty, I don’t want to be up at 7:30 on my day off. I have been in a funk for the last few days. I turn on J.Cole’s “Apparently” and my mood is immediately lifted. I’ve got my wings to carry me.

So I’m dedicating Snapshot Wednesday to the beautiful Jermaine Cole. I love this scruffy look on him, too. And seriously, guys – if you haven’t tried listening to 2014 Forrest Hills Drive, you’re missing out. His music feeds your soul.


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