Je Suis Charlie


I felt compelled to post something about all of the acts of terror going on in Paris, France. My CNN app continuously updated me with all of the Breaking News surrounded by these attacks, and when I was at work today, somehow my mind always drifted back to the streets of Paris that I had walked on only a year or so ago. It saddens me; sometimes I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older and notice what is going on in the world more, or if we have more access to the news through technology, but I feel like every time I turn on the news, I’m wondering where the compassion for humanity has gone.

And yet, I have to remind myself that we stand strong in spite of it all. Perhaps that is where the compassion still is – in the hearts of those who persevere in the face of terror, like the cartoonists who would not be silent, like the thousands of people across the world who are rallying. That is strength. That is love. That is freedom. That is promise of a better tomorrow in the face of fear. That is how evil will never win.

My heart goes out to all of those affected. Viva la France! We stand with you through this terrible time. We are all strong when we stand united together. #IAmCharlie #IAmAhmed


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