Music Mondays (On a Thursday): “Her” by Majid Jordan

Welp, it’s not Monday, but here is the much delayed “Music Monday” that I owe you guys.

I’ve written about Majid Jordan before, and I have to say now I’m a huge fan. They are considered an R&B and alternative hip-hop duo that met at the University of Toronto. Majid is the vocalist, and Jordan is the one who produces the beats. Originally, the duo called themselves Good People, but then proceeded to combine their names. According to MTV, they helped produce Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and Beyonce and Drake’s “Mine.”

Majid Jordan just has a chill, eclectic sound with soft vocals and pretty dope beats. I personally think Majid Jordan is much more talented than PARTYNEXTDOOR, who is also signed to OVOSound/Warner Brothers with Drake. Not to throw shade on PARTY—I love his beats, but vocals, not so much. Even if Majid Jordan never blows up as mainstream, I think they will definitely contribute a lot to the music industry in terms of producing and experimental beats.

My current favorite song by Majid Jordan is Her. I chose this song in particular to share today because Majid Jordan dropped the music video for the song this past Monday, December 8th. It’s all black and white, and filled with optical illusions. To me, it’s art. Very trippy. Also, Majid is pretty cute, isn’t he? Take a peek for yourselves.


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