Snapshot Wednesday: “Sandy” Tran & “Danny” Brown


Halloween was this past weekend and the parties were popping. I personally dressed very last minute as a witch (unoriginal, I know), and hit the bars with two of my best friends. One of the funnest parts of Halloween is seeing what everybody else dressed up as. My favorite from the bar was a few guys who made huge cut-out boards of Tinder, and their faces were the photos. I thought that was pretty creative. Other than that, I saw a dozen or so cheetahs (I was going to be a cheetah at one point, so I’m glad I didn’t do that), a few minions, and the usual hoard of devils, zombies, and vampires.

Social media allows us to share our crazy costumes with everyone, and it also allows us to have a direct (well, almost direct) contact with celebrities who share their photos and parties with us. While this is entertaining all year round (watching Drake throw shade at Tyga by taking a picture with Kylie, Breezy fighting with an ex-Cheetah girl this week, Diddy and Cassie sharing their PDA – it’s like we can witness them living their lives) Halloween is especially amusing when we see our favorite celebrities come out in crazy and unique costumes.

My favorite celebrity costume this year goes out to Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown. Besides the fact that they are a favorite celebrity couple of mine, I loved how they dressed up as Sandy and Danny from Grease (which was the first “adult” movie I actually ever watched). They pulled it off, looked adorable, and took adorable pictures to flaunt on Instagram. Such cuties. Hopefully we’ll get to see them do other cute couple pictures in the years to come, along with wedding and baby photos? (wishful thinking)


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