Snapshot Wednesday: Delano Brown’s Rose

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Delano Brown is an artist who has taken over Instagram. He is famous for his roses, which he has painted on Timbs, designer bags, clothing, and furniture that he then puts on sale. They all clear out immediately, especially the hand-painted items which go for hundreds of dollars. Rappers like Fabolous and Chris Brown have been spotted wearing his hand-painted jerseys. Fab’s “Thim Slick” video also has Delano Brown’s painting on the wall of the apartment. Delano Brown also hosts art events in cities like NY and LA where he will paint on live models for audiences. I want to look into him more and eventually write a spotlight piece on him. He’s incredible.

Delano Brown’s website:

Delano Brown’s instagram: @yeahlano

All photo credit is from Delano Brown’s instagram, @yeahlano.


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