Music Mondays: “A Place Like This” by Majid Jordan

I’m sitting in a hotel room in London. My sister is messing around in the kitchenette, attempting to smear Brie cheese on rice cakes, a childhood favorite of ours. My mom is lying on her bed and looking up new excursions for us to go on this week before we fly home. I’m lying on the white sheets, on my back, and staring at the high ceilings of the room with my headphones in my ears. The hotel used to house the priests of the old cathedral that stands next to it, but you couldn’t tell from the inside at all. The paint on the room is certainly fresh, clean, and the white crown molding compliments it nicely. There are no screens on the windows, but we’ve left one or two of them cracked to get the fresh, British summer air after a long day of walking around the city. We’re all tired.

“A Place Like This” reminds me of those nights. Nights after walking through endless tube stations, going to Camden Town (three times – returning once with matching tattoos), pubs, lying in various royal parks, and shopping. It was the best trip of my life with two people who mean the most to me in this world. And this song by Majid Jordan brings me back there. I couldn’t download it (cough – illegally) on the trip because my laptop was back in the States, so I (gasp) bought the song off iTunes so I could replay it for the two weeks I was away.

The first time I heard “A Place Like This” was from the guy I was/am seeing on and off. We both have a love for Drake and the Weeknd, and tend to look into whatever new artist Drake is promoting with his OVO Sound Label. Majid Jordan is one of those signed artists, which is actually comprised of two artists named Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. When I first heard this song, I was iffy on it. Not too sure I was entirely in love with it. I listened a few more times and it stuck. It becomes the essence of my mood whenever I listen to it. For some reason, their voices calms me down. “It’s a difficult place when it gets like this” – like what? Like this. Something about his lyrics too makes me say, yes, isn’t it so difficult? How is it that you understand, but nobody else does? “I think it’s time we made that decision…” I think so too, Majid. Oh man. Don’t get me started. I really fucking love this song. Keep it on replay. You’ll love it too.

Maybe it encompassed what I was feeling for the guy who showed it to me. The romantic lines definitely bring me back to him. I can get lost in it the way I get lost in love. But for some reason when I hear this song, I’ll also always think of those London nights. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Majid Jordan and hope Drake gets on a track.

Your wish my command…Go on take my hand.


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