Music Mondays: “Street Dreamin” by Bridget Kelly ft. Kendrick Lamar

Music Mondays are definitely going to be one of my favorite segments on The Purple Album. I believe there’s absolutely nothing like sharing a song with someone and connecting – just like that. Music is a universal language that unites us.

This week, I want to talk about a current song that I can’t stop playing in my car. I’ve found myself telling all of my friends and family about it, and when I realized they weren’t looking it up on their own, I have (perhaps annoyingly) played it for them until they acknowledged that yes, Amy, it’s a “good song.” This song would be “Street Dreamin” by RocNation’s Bridget Kelly, featuring Kendrick Lamar.

According to, Bridget Kelly was originally one of Jay-Z’s backup singers. She dropped her first single “Special Delivery” back in 2012. I remembered that single the moment I read AXS’s article on her, and if I recall correctly, I wasn’t a huge fan of it at the time. To me, it was too much of a “for the radio” track. Not that that’s bad – just not really my style. Kendrick and Bridget Kelly’s urban R&B flow on “Street Dreamin,” however, caught my attention right away. The vivacious video for “Street Dreamin” was dropped this past June, and presents a colorful set of visuals against familiar footage of urban streets.

Like I said, this song is my jam right now. It helps that one of my favorite rappers, Kendrick Lamar, is the intro. As usual, Kendrick’s talent as a true lyricist draws you in right away with this single. But what kept me listening and obsessively replaying this song in my car for the last week and a half was Bridget Kelly’s voice. There’s something unique about her powerful, raspy voice that pairs nicely with Kendrick’s vocals too.

On top of the vocals, the flow of this track is golden. It’s smooth and makes you want to kick back with your friends and bop your head up and down. Definitely something I’m going to be bumping for the next few weeks, and Bridget Kelly is definitely an artist I’m going to start keeping an eye on.

Also, anything with Kendrick makes me more and more excited for his new album. Last I heard, he’s been interviewed saying he hopes to drop it before 2015. No title has been released yet.


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