Welcome to The Purple Album


My name is Amy, and I’m the creator of The Purple Album. I’m currently a senior in college, and planning on graduating in January 2015. I’m a writer, a Taurus (stubborn and loyal), blonde (but with brains), Chipotle fanatic, Drake and the Weeknd fan, and Pinot Grigio lover. I’m also an English major, and – spoiler alert – I have a passion for soaking up endless novels and writing, writing, writing. Particularly short stories and nonfiction pieces.

I named this blog The Purple Album because this is not simply a portfolio or blog – it’s a collection of those short story and nonfiction pieces, as well as pieces discussing music and the music industry (especially R&B, hip-hop, and rap), current events (I like staying on top of the news and think more people in my generation should), and “Spotlight” pieces, where I will focus on an artist, person in my life, or famous person that has inspired me. The word “collection” didn’t seem to accurately describe all of this, so I thought – it’s an album. That’s what this blog is. It’s an album of my life and my work. I chose The Purple Album because for one, purple is my favorite color, and it is also a symbol of royalty – elegance. That is how I see my art and my expression.

The reason I’m creating this blog is to share all of these various aspects of my work, my opinions, and my life and hope to connect with the world. I am going to update this blog two to four times a week. The tentative schedule so far is “Music Mondays,” “Photo Wednesday,” “Nonfiction Thursday,” “Spotlight Friday,” and short stories/additional nonfiction or current event pieces sporadically throughout the week or month. I haven’t decided if I will alternate every other Friday with spotlight pieces yet. Once I get the schedule wired down exactly, I will announce it.

At the very least, two posts a week will be a promise and mandatory for me. The Purple Album is also a way for me to train myself, and force myself into ritual writing.

Art is my life. Expression is what I live for. And I’m prepared to share it all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and checking out The Purple Album.


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